Sex and Sexuality

When not saying “no” doesn’t mean saying “yes”

I wanna start off by saying I'm not exactly sure what I'm chalking this experience up to.. From the people I've told, I've gotten reactions that range from "it was a misunderstanding, move on" to "report him, it was sexual assault." And it is honestly hard to really pinpoint where I feel like I fall… Continue reading When not saying “no” doesn’t mean saying “yes”

The List

Sex toys and scares

Okay, get comfy, 'cause this is one heck of a story. If you've seen the list you will know that there are a few sex-related endeavours to cross off (PSA, I have never had sex). Now, I'm not totally innocent because I am 20 and I have stumbled across porn and fan fiction before, but… Continue reading Sex toys and scares