The List

Let’s talk about the list.

I think it makes sense for this first post to be about why I even made this blog to begin with. It is on a list of 21 Things to do Before 21. I made this list a couple weeks ago as I was considering all the things I wanted to accomplish between now and my 21st birthday (I just turned 20 last month). The list is pretty basic, and I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to get it all done, but I also don’t think I’ll be sad if I don’t and I’ll explain that in further detail in another post.

Now, Because I did technically make this list a couple weeks ago, I have already completed one thing on the list (not including making this blog). I’ll explain that endeavor in the next post. But, for those curious, here is the complete list:

  1. Go clubbing
  2. Conquer a fear
  3. Learn to cook a proper meal
  4. Have sex
  5. Start writing a blog
  6. Donate blood
  7. Go camping
  8. Buy a car
  9. Disconnect for a week
  10. Learn another language
  11. Buy a lottery ticket
  12. Go to the movies alone
  13. Skinny dipping
  14. Watch the sunrise at the beach
  15. Be a vegetarian for at least a week
  16. Go to a sex shop/buy a sex toy
  17. Stay up all night
  18. Get drunk
  19. Spend the night in a quirky hotel
  20. Go for lunch alone
  21. Take a yoga class

The list is not in any order of how I want these to be accomplished or which ones matter the most to me. The list just is the way it is.

There are some things I was hesitant to put on the list because of various reasons, all of which will be explained at some point or another throughout this experience. The truth will set you free, as they say.

Anyway, best regards,


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